Oct 15

Ability to send abuse reports to network owners

Quite a few users have requested the ability to generate and send abuse reports to network owners.  The idea is to send reports so that network owners can more easily process and respond to the presence of infected hosts.

Reports would go to the most relevant abuse contact found for the network.  We at dmarcian are thinking to consolidate the number of reports that get sent out so that:

  1. abuse contacts are not spammed by our own customers,
  2. abuse contacts would receive a single report that includes information on all domains that see an issue with the network, and not just for individual dmarcian users.

Whereas we like the idea of giving our users the ability to hit a "complain" button, after prototyping the "submit abuse report" functionality, we discovered that abuse contacts vary widely in their responses (and even in their ability to respond!).  Bundling the information together seems wise in terms of managing the underlying abuse contact relationship.

So, we're now thinking through a second prototype that focuses more on the ability of the network operator to respond to abuse reports, and shoe-horning that info into the dmarcian UI.  This is yet another piece of Internet infrastructure that needs attention.

Let us know if you'd like the implementation to go in any specific way.

Oct 15

Demo site

We maintain 2 basic demonstration sites.   One for the Domain Overview and one for the Detail Viewer.

Although these demos are functional and useful if you do not own your own email domain, it is far better to create an account and view your own real data!