Dec 15

If you're at a large organization looking to deploy DMARC, view the video on dmarcian's deployment process.  It's worth your time!

Here's a checklist you can use to get DMARC into place:

  • Create a list of your domains.
  • Publish DMARC records to collect data for each of your domains.
  • Wait for data to roll in.  DMARC report generators operate on a 24 hour cycle, and so you might as well check back in a day or two, or make yourself a really huge pot of coffee.
  • Look at your DMARC reports to figure out what you need to do next.
  • Depending on who is sending your legitimate email, bring your sources of email into compliance with DMARC.
  • As each domain becomes compliant with DMARC to your satisfaction, you can put in place controls to disallow unauthorized use of your domain.
  • You're done.  Continue to monitor for DMARC compliance.  When you get a new domain, just put it through these steps to maintain 100% DMARC compliance.

DMARC brings some very nice benefits to email; we even made a short video about it.

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  1. […] No Auth, No Entry will make DMARC compliance a requirement for anyone that wants to deliver email into Gmail.  (The use of email authentication already tops all of the "sender guidelines" published by the major webmail providers.)  If you're not already sending DMARC-compliant email, consider going through the one-time upgrade to realize the current benefits of deploying DMARC. […]